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Outline of Functions

The system's primary functions are as follows:

(1) The online-computerization of documents related to R&D management.
In principle, we have been computerizing and putting online applications for research themes and for grants-in-aid for research funding from researchers and research institutions to distribution institutions, as well as reports on their results.
Through this, we having been trying to make the operations of the distribution organization more efficient, along with both mitigating the burden on and raising the convenience of researchers.
Moreover, when computerizing, we unify the basic application information such as the titles of research topics, the names of researchers, the term of research, and the monetary amount distributed.

(2) Issuing researchers a research number and guaranteeing uniqueness Advance registration is necessary for using this system, and at that time researchers are to be issued a unique researcher number.
Researchers who were already given a researcher number for MEXT's science research subsidy before this system was launched can continue using it.
However, possessing a researcher number does not mean it will be possible to apply for all projects. Please confirm the main points of recruitment for each project for the application qualifications.

(3) Support for elimination of unreasonable overlapping/excessive concentration prior to adoption Through (1) and (2), this system supports the elimination of unreasonable overlapping and excessive concentration by those in charge of operations at distribution institutions.

(4) Provision of information to the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP)

Under the previous situation, distribution institutions that receive requests from the CSTP drew up the respective information and offered it online.
With the launching of this system, we have been making operations efficient so as to be able to provide information registered with this system to the CSTP online.

(5) Construction of a public window for research results With this system, by registering URL information on the home page where each distribution institution publishes its own organization's results, the said place's information about research results is provided to Japan's citizens.

Since this system handles researchers' intellectual assets and private individuals' information, it has sufficiently assured security and trustworthiness.
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