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Note: This English translation of the "Policy on Handing Individuals' Personal Information" is an unofficial translation. Only the original Japanese text of term has legal effect, and the translation is to be used solely as reference material to aid in the understanding of Japanese term. MEXT and any other administrative institution shall not be responsible for the accuracy, reliability, or any consequence resulting from use of the information in this text. For all purposes of interpreting to any legal issue or dispute, users should consult the original Japanese text.

The Cross-ministerial R&D Management System: e-Rad Policy on Handing Individuals' Personal Information

This policy was established for appropriate treatment of personal information held by this system and prevention of accidents in its handling.

2.Scope of information collected
This system gathers the information below, which is necessary for application procedures.
I. Information about the topic Information about the research topic, serial information ranging from the application to the report on the results
II. Information about the researcher Information about the person who will be implementing the research with competitive funds or project research funds
III. Information about the person in charge at the research institution where the researcher will be affiliated Information about the administrative representative or the person in charge at the research institute where the researcher will be affiliated to implement research

3.The objective of usage
The objective of using an individual's personal information held by the system shall be as in Clause 6.1, "Cross-ministerial R&D Management System: e-RAD Terms of Use."

4.Observance of Laws
In treating an individual's personal information held by the system, we will obey the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Organs" (Act No. 58 of 2003), "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Incorporate Administrative Agencies, etc." (Act No. 59 of 2003), "Standards for Information Security Measures for the Central Government Computer Systems" (2nd Edition), and the "Information Security Policy Council" (June 14, 2007), and handle such information appropriately.

5.Security Assurance Measures
We are devising the necessary measures, such as technological steps and education/training, for appropriate management of the information gathered as well as prevention of leaks, losses or destruction of the said information.

This policy will be suitably revised, in response to necessity.

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