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Funding agency Japan Science and Technology Agency
Application year 2021
Call for applications Japan (JST) – US (NSF) Joint Research Commencing in FY2021
Research field
(Life Science)
Mechanicsandmechatronics、Roboticsandintelligentsystem、Theoryofinformatics、Mathematicalinformatics、Statisticalscience、Computersystem、Software、Informationnetwork、Informationsecurity、Database、Highperformancecomputing、Computationalscience、Perceptualinformationprocessing、Humaninterfaceandinteraction、Intelligentinformatics、Softcomputing、Intelligentrobotics、Kanseiinformatics、Life,healthandmedicalinformatics、Webinformaticsandserviceinformatics、Learningsupportsystem、Entertainmentandgameinformatics、(Social Infrastructure )
Civilengineeringmaterial,executionandconstructionmanagement、Structureengineeringandearthquakeengineering、Geotechnicalengineering、Hydroengineering、Civilengineeringplanandtransportationengineering、Environmentalsystemsforcivilengineering、Buildingstructuresandmaterials、Architecturalenvironmentandbuildingequipment、Architecturalplanningandcityplanning、Architecturalhistoryanddesign、Socialsystemsengineering、Safetyengineering、Disasterpreventionengineering、(Humanities & Social Sciences)
Acceptable research periods (minimum/maximum) (the shortest) 3year  (longest) 4year
Application period 2020/11/26 18:00 ~ 2021/02/24 19:00
Project category Contract research
Target category Corporation(including industry, foundation and association) 、 University 、 Researcher・Research team 、 Technology Licensing Organization 、 Local public organization 、 Non-profit organization (NPO)
Prospective cost restrictions Prospective cost restrictions (the lower limit)--.--(thousand yen) - (the upper limit) 75,000(thousand yen)
Indirect costs
(maximum amount)
Maximum30% of direct costs
research costs
0(thousand yen)
URL of guidelines of call for applications Japan (JST) – US (NSF) Joint Research Commencing in FY2021
URL of past adoption statuses SICORP Japan – US Joint Research


Application summary The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and The US National Science Foundation (NSF), in order to promote international research interaction and exchange among researchers in Japan and US, are jointly accepting proposals for Japanese-US collaborative research projects. JST will support each Japan-based team with a funding up to 75million Japanese Yen as direct cost for about 36 months. The overhead cost of 30% of direct cost will be added separately.
Application targets Any independent researcher personally affiliated with and actively conducting research at a domestic Japanese research institution (or who will fulfill this requirement by the start of the research project), regardless of nationality, is eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator. Japan-based researchers from industry are eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator in the joint research project in the Japanbased team.
Target work Schedule
Proposal Submission DeadlineFebruary 24, 2021
Approximate Date for Final DecisionJune 2021
Approximate Funding CommencemJuly 2021
Messages (1) Submission to JST and NSF in parallel The Japan-based and US-based applicants shall write a common application that shall be handed in both to JST and NSF respectively in parallel. For the Japan-based applicants, in addition to the common application, Japanese abstruct applications should be submitted to JST. Unless submission to both JST and NSF side are completed, their application will be deemed ineligible for funding. (2) Complession of Research Ethics Training Program Japan-based applicants are required to complete a research ethics training program conducted by the research institute with which they are affiliated and then declare the completion of the program to JST via e-Rad by the proposal submission deadline of the call for proposals. If it is difficult for them to undertake a program provided by their own institute, they should contact JST to register for a research ethics program provided by Association for the Promotion of Research Integrity, APRIN before submission of their applications. Unless applicants complete a research ethics program, their application will be deemed ineligible for funding.
Details of person in
charge of call for
Department/section Department of International Affairs
Name US project staffs
Phone number +81-3-5214-7375
Fax number +81-3-5214-7379
Email address
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Application style file Download Download
URL of funding system/funding program 令和3年度採択予定 戦略的国際共同研究プログラム(SICORP)日本-米国(NSF)共同研究課題募集のお知らせ
Operation manual (version specific to
funding system/funding program)