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Funding agency Japan Science and Technology Agency
Application year 2021
Call for applications V4-Japan 2nd Joint Call for Proposals "Advanced Materials"
Research field
Metallicmaterialproperties、Inorganicmaterialsandproperties、Compositematerialsandinterfaces、Structuralmaterialsandfunctionalmaterials、Materialprocessingandmicrostructurecontrol、Metalsproductionandresourcesproduction、Nanometer-scalechemistry、Nanostructuralphysics、Nanomaterials、Nanobioscience、Nano/micro-systems、Appliedphysicalproperties、Thinfilm/surfaceandinterfacialphysicalproperties、Appliedcondensedmatterphysics、Crystalengineering、Opticalengineeringandphotonscience、Fundamentalphysicalchemistry、Functionalsolidstatechemistry、Structuralorganicchemistryandphysicalorganicchemistry、Syntheticorganicchemistry、Polymermaterials、Organicfunctionalmaterials、Inorganiccompoundsandinorganicmaterialschemistry、Energychemistry、(Manufacturing Technology)
Keyword "Advanced Materials" including but not limited to: (1) Materials for extreme environments (2) Materials for electronics and energy harvesting (3) Materials for laser technologies
Acceptable research periods (minimum/maximum) (the shortest) 3year  (longest) 4year
Application period 2021/01/15 17:00 ~ 2021/04/09 17:00
Project category Contract research
Target category Corporation(including industry, foundation and association) 、 University 、 Researcher・Research team
Prospective cost restrictions Prospective cost restrictions (the lower limit)--.--(thousand yen) - (the upper limit) 18,000(thousand yen)
Indirect costs
(maximum amount)
Maximum30% of direct costs
research costs
0(thousand yen)
URL of guidelines of call for applications Visegrad Group (V4)-Japan Joint Research Program "Advanced Materials" 2nd Joint Call
URL of past adoption statuses  


Application summary The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Funding Agencies of Visegrad Group (V4) countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) in cooperation with the International Visegrad Fund will jointly launch the second call for the V4-Japan Joint Research Program in the field of "Advanced Materials."
Application targets Any independent researcher personally affiliated with and actively conducting research at a domestic Japanese research institution (or who will fulfill this requirement by the start of the research project), regardless of nationality, is eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator. Japan-based researchers from industry are eligible to apply as a Principal Investigator in the joint research project in the Japan-based team.
Target work Schedule
Proposal Submission Deadline9th April, 2021
Approximate Date for Final Decision NotificationAround August, 2021
Approximate Funding Commencement DateAround October, 2021
Messages Since rules and conditions vary by country, applicants should confirm the respective application rules and conditions set by each institution in Annex 1: National and Regional Funding Regulations of the joint call text. Notes for applicants 1. The Application Form should be submitted to the e-Rad platform by the Japan-side Project Leader. Applications submitted by other means, such as via e-mail or postal mail, will not be considered. 2. In the CV section, the background of the Project Leaders and Partners participating in the consortium should be outlined. Other Project Members who play an important role in the project may also be included here. 3. In the “6. Budget Plan (1)” section of the Application Form, please enter the total amount converted to euro on the TOTAL PROJECT COSTS line and include the exchange rate used in the margin. On the e-Rad platform, the budget information should be entered in Japanese yen.
Details of person in
charge of call for
Department/section 国際部 事業実施グループ
Name 土井、株本
Phone number 03-5214-7375
Fax number 03-5214-7379
Email address
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URL of funding system/funding program 国際科学技術共同研究推進事業(戦略的国際共同研究プログラム)
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