Site Policy

Site Policy

The portal site of the Cross-Ministerial Research and Development Management System ("this website") is operated by Cabinet Office, the ministry in charge of the operation of the Cross-Ministerial Research and Development Management System (e-Rad). Users of this website are requested to agree to the following items.

1. System Requirements

(1) Screen Resolution and Browser

The contents of this website are designed to be viewed in the following environment. Contents may be displayed incorrectly or may not be displayed at all if viewed in other environments.

(2) JavaScript

JavaScript is used for some of the contents of this website. Enable JavaScript when viewing this website.

(3) PDF

PDFs are used for some of the contents of this website. Adobe Reader (distributed by Adobe Systems Inc.) is required to view PDF files. Users who do not currently have Adobe Reader can acquire the latest version for free from Adobe Systems Inc.

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2. Links

Prior consultation is not required when linking to this website, but the following rules must be followed.

  • Please link to the home page of this website unless otherwise specified in cases such as link restrictions for the information in question.
  • Please specify that the link leads to this website.
  • Please avoid displaying this website in a frame.

The following banner image with this system's logo can be used when linking to this website. Please do not change the size of the image.

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3. Copyrights

The information posted on this website is subject to copyrights. This website as a whole is also subject to copyrights as an edited work, and is protected under Japanese copyright laws and international treaties.
All or part of the contents of this website may be quoted or duplicated for private use, quotations and other uses permitted under copyright law as long as the source is cited, unless "Unauthorized duplication is prohibited" is stated. In such cases, this stipulation shall be followed.
This website cannot be altered, either partially or in its entirety, without authorization from Cabinet Office.

4. Disclaimer

While Cabinet Office makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, Cabinet Office accepts no responsibility for any actions resulting from users' use of this website.

5. Other

Please note that this website may be changed or deleted without warning.