How to Register (for researchers) This section explains how researchers who are not affiliated with a research institution can register on e-Rad.

Researcher numbers on e-Rad

To ensure that every researcher registered to e-Rad can be uniquely identified, each researcher is given a unique researcher number.
You will keep the same researcher number if you move to a new institution, enabling you to continue using e-Rad without having to be assigned a new number.

  • * If you have forgotten your researcher number, login ID and password, see the FAQ.

Registering as a researcher

The procedure for registering as a researcher differs depending on whether you are affiliated with a research institution.
The following organizations are considered research institutions on e-Rad.

If you are affiliated with a research institution

Register as a researcher at your research association. Ask the e-Rad administrative officer at your research institution to do this.

If your institution is not registered on e-Rad, the research institution needs to register first. The e-Rad administrator at the research institution must submit an application to register the institution. If your research institution is not registered, ask the administrative officer at your institution to apply to register the institution.

If you are not affiliated with a research institution

Register as a researcher by following the instructions below.

Time required for completion of registration process

During busy periods, it may take up to two weeks to complete your registration after your application is received.

Applying for registration (For researchers not affiliated with a research institution )

Required documents

Application and registration process

1. Download the Terms of Service and form
Check the Terms of Service. Open in a new window
Download View in .doc file Form 3-1: Application for Registration of Researcher (541KB).
2. Fill in the required details and keep a sealed copy
On agreement to the Terms of Service, fill in the Form 3-1 required details. After filling in the form, make a copy to keep.
3. Upload the required documents
Register your email address for this application to the system.
Then follow the guide written on the email sent to you, and upload the required documents with the form you filled above to the system.
4. Registration in the system
The administrator will register you in the system. You may be contacted by phone or email to confirm some details.
5. Notification of completion by email
When your registration is completed, e-Rad will automatically send a notification email to the email address you registered.
6. Procedure completed
Your registration as a researcher is now complete. Log in to e-Rad using the login ID in your notification email from e-Rad and the password you wrote on Form 3-1.